Dwight Hudson for Metro Council District 9


The greatest hindrance to economic growth in the Capital Region is traffic congestion. Stalled traffic limits our ability to grow local businesses and attract new ones. With 60% of workers in East Baton Rouge Parish commuting from neighboring parishes it’s clear that we need to begin taking a regional approach to prioritizing traffic projects. East Baton Rouge has an opportunity to step into a leadership role on traffic congestion by taking a data driven approach. Please click the image to read more.

Baton Rouge is ranked among the highest crime cities in America for communities of our size. Clearing the backlog misdemeanor warrants and exploring public private partnerships to fund critical criminal justice infrastructure are ideas that can help make our community a safer place to live and raise a family. Please click the image to learn more.



Small business owners, property owners and consumers know the importance of keeping the tax burden as low as possible. Dwight has built a long and consistent record of advocating for lower taxes and reducing government waste. By focusing on opportunities for public private partnerships and prioritizing spending we can invest in critical infrastructure projects while continuing to keep the tax burden as low as possible.

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