Dwight Hudson for Metro Council District 9

Baton Rouge Councilman Joel Boe won’t seek third term, St. George activist Dwight Hudson steps up to the plate

The Advocate reports Dwight Hudson as saying:

So far, at least one resident said he intends to to seek Boe’s seat in the November 2016 election. Dwight Hudson, a 31-year-old Republican, said he’s already formed a committee and begun some fundraising.

Hudson is the leader of the local fiscal watchdog group Taxbusters. He X249_6EF9_9was a key volunteer in the effort to create an independent city of St. George over the past two years, which failed earlier this year because the petition was short of the necessary signatures to call a vote. In 2012, he was also a volunteer in the campaign advocating for voters to reject the Capital Area Transit System’s dedicated property tax. The tax was approved by voters.

“I have an 8-month old girl, so I just want a great place for her to grow up, to get educated, to find a great job and to have a great life in,” Hudson said. “The things I’m seeing with the traffic, with the education in this parish, and with some of our tax dollars spent, it’s discouraging to me.”